logo-nvg-flagNew Varanguan Guard Inc
The NVG Inc is a historical reenactment organisation with branches (such as Jorth Gar) throughout Australia, and sister organisations in several other countries.
logo-hotnHammer of the North or Etsy Store or Instagram                                                                                                                                          Reenactment equipment and Armour specialist business. Lamellar and Scale armour, leather work, custom weapons and knives. Jorth Gar supplier.
logo-lady-mountainLady on the Mountain The Tablet Weaver
Self taught, she has expressed her creativity through the ancient craft of Tablet weaving, also known as card weaving. Using 100% wool, these weaves, or braids, have been handwoven using the same techniques that can be traced back to the celtic bronze age, and some say even further.
logo-jean-hornmasterJean the Hornmaster
Like his ancestors before him, his products are produced from traditional materials such as horn, antler, bone, leather and wood. The transformation from raw material to the fine beauty in the finished article can only be described as a magical creation through the hands of a skilled craftsman. Jean has worked with these products for a number of years and has never stopped learning and discovering more and more about the lost skills of craftsman of the past. Jean realizes and appreciates just how talented and skilled these ancient craftsmen were.
logo-abbeyAbbey Medieval Tournament
The most popular aspect of the Tournament weekend are the historical fighting displays. Our armoured combats feature different fighting styles, tourneys, melees and individual combats, including Viking, Dark Age, High Middle Ages and Byzantine warriors, German landsknechts (mercenaries), Turkish Janissaries and exquisite Renaissance swordsmen.
logo-lithRognvald’s Lith
A reenactment group based in Lismore, the Lith recreate arms, armour, fighting techniques, costuming and other lost arts of Dark Age Europe.
logo-nemasNew England Medieval Arts Society Inc
NEMAS is a historical re-enactment group, who brings to a larger community an understanding of European culture through living history shows. NEMAS also host the biggest reenactors-only gathering in the southern hemisphere, the NEMAS Easter Gathering.
logo-arlhoThe Australasian Register of Living History Organisations
The ARLHO aims to list all known Australian and New Zealand reenactment organisations covering all periods, (as well as overseas groups with Antipodean subject matter) and their contact information and mailing lists, and other living history and reenactment resources.
logo-gc-landscape-border-1000Discover Tamborine Mountain
The most comprehensive info website for everything you need to know about Tamborine Mountain. Accommodation, Tours, Shopping, National Parks, Maps, Attractions, Wineries, Arts and Craft and much more! Ph 1300 TAMBORINE (826 267).
maverick-jewelleryMaverick Jewellery
Gold/Silversmith, Hand Fabricated Jewellery, Jewellery Repairs/Modifications, Custom Castings Brass/Bronze/Silver/Gold.

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