What does Jorth Gar do?

Jorth Gar has many facets to its operation. Our main aim is to be active in both public and private reenactment events around Australia, and to portray Viking culture to the best of our abilities. Public events are organised shows, that can have any number of reenactment groups and public attend them, and see Jorth Gar having a living encampment display (smithing, cooking, games, camping, crafts etc.), running fighting performances (both field battles and heroic combat) and talking to members of the public. Private functions can have any number of reenactment groups camping, fighting and having fun, free from technology and modern living (living the life). Jorth Gar also runs training for warriors each week, has craft nights most weeks as well, and has a number of living history projects it works on. Jorth Gar also run 1 public and 1 private show themselves each year, to compliment the larger ones they do.

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