Keep Informed

Communication is key and a requirement to be a member. As a member of Jorth Gar, you must do your part to stay informed, as all position holders in our group are unpaid volunteers, so we can’t expect too much from them in their attempts to keep members informed. Please follow all rules and steps below to maximise successful communication between Jorth Gar and yourself.

Mobile Phone

Mobile phone sms and calls are the most relied on method of communication, since almost everyone has one. It’s easy and efficient for Jorth Gar admins to use mobile phone sms to send the same message to many members at the same time. Also, if you live in a bad mobile phone reception area, instead of an admin trying to call you every so often to get a hold of you, you’ll receive the mobile phone sms message as soon as have reception.

  • Respond to ALL sms messages by sms or calling back. SMS is ideal for quick messages, otherwise please call. If calling and you get no answer, leave a voice mail message if possible.
  • Know your intention, be decisive and keep to your word. For example, if you think you’ll be absent from Jorth Gar activities for some time (due to work, family, money, etc), you must inform the your Hersir or the Stellari and we may remove you from all mobile sms lists so their money and time isn’t wasted trying to get in touch with you.
  • If you consistently fail to respond to our attempt to communicate with you, you will be removed from all sms lists and as a result you may not know about upcoming Jorth Gar activities.
  • You must remember to inform your Hersir or the Stellari of any change of details, especially your mobile phone number.
  • If you have been removed from sms lists, you can be re-added any time at your discretion by contacting whoever sends the sms you’ve been removed from.

Join our Facebook page

By signing up to Facebook, then joining our Facebook page, you will receive a notification for every Facebook post. This will help keep you in the loop on our activities, gatherings, camps, trainings, dates, cancellations and other details. Facebook has proven to be a very effective networking and communication tool for our group.

  1. First you need to click here to be taken to the Facebook website (will open in a new window).
  2. Sign up and then log into Facebook.
  3. Click here to be taken to the “New Varangian Guard – Jorth Gar” public Facebook page (will open in a new window). Then click on “Join The Group”.
  4. This one is optional: click here to be taken to the “Viking Culture Day” public Facebook page (will open in a new window). Then click on “Join The Group”.
  5. After paying your membership, you’ll be friended by a Jorth Gar admin and added to the Member’s Only secret Facebook page.

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