Training Locations

We train once per week but in two locations on different days:


Tamborine Mnt Training Ground –  from 11am till 4pm (QLD time), on the grounds opposite Tamborine Mountain State School, on the corner of Curtis Road and Long Road, Eagle Heights, QLD 4271.

Nerang Training Ground – from 11am till 4pm (QLD time), in Eden Park (Burchill Park) at the end of Eden Court, Nerang, QLD 4211.


1st Saturday of Month – Nerang

2nd Sunday of Month – Tamborine Mnt

3rd Saturday of Month – Nerang

4th Sunday of Month – Nerang

5th Saturday of Month – Nerang


If you’re a new recruit, bring sun protection, water, food and garden or riggers gloves. We will provide you with the rest. Be sure to contact us to let us know you’ll be coming along to training. Do this joining our Facebook page and let us know there.


Nerang Training Grounds

Training at Nerang requires attendance of all warriors. The purpose is to practice drill, marching commands, safe and skillful fighting, weapon technique, battle tactics and public performance.

Tamborine Mnt Training Grounds

Training at Mt Tamborine/Eagle Heights requires the attendance of all members, both warriors and civilians. Activities include warrior training, craft work, event organisation, group meetings, and general socialising.



3 thoughts on “Training Locations

  1. Hey, my name’s Dylan and I’m very interested in joining your group. I’d like to know when you’re training next so I can come by and join in. If you have any questions feel free to ask.
    Thank you.

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